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sanderscore blogWelcome to my blog! In this section, I’ll be posting a variety of articles that differ from my main “best of” pages. They range from in-depth answers to your questions to helpful guides, tips, tricks and everything in between. The amount of quality and effort will be the same – the very best.

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Main Blog Posts

Best Shop Air Filtration Systems
Best Shop Air Filtration Systems 2020
Effective and extremely handy, portable air filters allow you to clear the air of any room you want in an Read more.
best sanders for wood
Best Sanders for Wood 2020
After writing the top rated sanders article, which presents an overall “winner” for every single type of sander, a lot Read more.
Cheap Sanders
Best Cheap Sanders 2020
While a lot of the so called “budget” tools are often sub-part and disappointing, some of them manage to blow Read more.
cheap dust collectors
Best Cheap Dust Collectors 2020
Having a clean, dust-free work space is an essential part of any woodworker’s life and with these cheap dust collectors Read more.
best sander for cabinets
Best Sanders for Cabinets 2020
Often detailed and with tight, confined interiors, cabinets are a challenging sanding task and to ensure that you ace them Read more.
best sander for doors
Best Sanders for Doors 2020
Door sanding can be difficult. From panel ornaments to windows and other intricate details that get in the way of Read more.
best sander for stairs
Best Sanders for Stairs 2020
When it comes to the tight corners and right-angles that make stairs an infamously pesky sanding task, you need the Read more.
best sander for floors
Best Sanders for Floors 2020
Floor sanding is a long, hard task and if you don’t have the proper machines for it you’ll not only Read more.
best sanders for deck refinishing
Best Sanders for Deck 2020
Best Sanders for Deck Refinishing Wooden decks are among the most popular sanding pieces in the world. This is due Read more.
best sander for removing paint
Best Sanders for Removing Paint 2020
Paint removal is a tricky business that can give you a few headaches and, without the proper tools, disappointing results. Read more.
best sanders for furniture refinishing cabinets
Best Sanders for Furniture 2020
Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing A lot of people ask me what the best sanders for furniture are, to which Read more.
best electric sanders for walls
Best Sanders for Walls 2020
Sanding walls of any type requires a machine that is both powerful and fast. Powerful to easily get rid of Read more.

How-To Blog Posts

how to sand metal
How to Sand Metal
Knowing how to sand metal is an extremely helpful skill in a variety of situations. You may need to remove Read more.
how to sand glass
How to Sand Glass
If you want to carry out a repair on a scratched glass item or smooth out a sharp edge, then Read more.
how to sand a table
How to Sand a Table
A wooden table can last a lifetime if it is carefully protected. However nearly all types of table such as Read more.
how to sand concrete
How to Sand Concrete
Knowing how to sand concrete is an essential skill if you want yours looking as good as new and lasting Read more.
how to sand a car
How to Sand a Car
Knowing how to sand a car is not only essential if you’re into restorations but also extremely useful if you Read more.
how to sand hardwood floors
How to Sand Hardwood Floors
If you want to learn how to sand hardwood floors like a pro and refinish yours without breaking the bank, Read more.
how to sand drywall
How to Sand Drywall
Sanding drywall is a dusty and tedious job. Nonetheless, you will be rewarded with dazzling, faultless paint job if you Read more.
how to sand a deck
How to Sand a Deck
When it comes to the best way on how to sand a deck, there’s only one real way to do Read more.
how to sand wood
How to Sand Wood
Sanding and sandpaper is a big subject – big enough that there are actually entire books devoted to it, as Read more.

Other Posts

Top 10 Hand Saws of This Decade
Power saws are very efficient wood cutting tools; unfortunately, they come with many complexities and are hardly user-friendly. Luckily, hand Read more.
How to Choose the Best Belt Grinder
A belt grinder might seem like a simple piece of equipment, but in fact, it has a lot of control Read more.
8 simple diy dado jig plans for craftsmen
8 Simple DIY Dado Jig Plans for Craftsmen
The router is one of the most versatile and useful tools in most woodworking workshops, and it would probably only Read more.
Sander vs Oscillating Tool
Why You Should Use a Sander Over an Oscillating Tool
From stripping the paint or finish off of a slab of wood, to the fine-grit sanding that produces smooth and Read more.

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