Top 10 Hand Saws of This Decade

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Power saws are very efficient wood cutting tools; unfortunately, they come with many complexities and are hardly user-friendly. Luckily, hand saws are equally effective and less cumbersome substitutes.

There’s a wide variety of hand saws currently on sale in the market — the likes of coping saws, crosscut saws, hacksaws, and rip saws. Choosing the right saw will depend on the kind of job at hand.

Over time, I have worked with various types of these tools. While some hand saws are durable, lightweight, easy to sharpen, and comfortable to handle; others are of mediocre quality, and require constant sharpening.

Based on my wealth of experience within the last decade, I have handpicked top 10 hand saws I consider remarkable.

Stanley 20-045 15″ Fat Hand Saw

If you need a reliable and efficient hand saw that could cut wood into different shapes for carpentry & woodwork, the Stanley 20-045 saw (15 inches) is your best bet. This product gets the nod for its thick blade, lightweight (comfortable to hold), and sharp teeth. 

It is excellent for cutting all wood types in various shapes, but it is unsuitable for cutting curves.

Black+Decker Phs550b 

Looking for the best electric hand saw? Check out the BLACK+DECKER PHS550B. It is a complete package that comprises of a large capacity blade for cutting wood, a blade for cutting metal and a carrying case. 

It is lightweight, easy to use, and highly durable. It also has a speed regulator, safety lock, and a  4,600 SMP motor (3.4 amps power) amongst many other commendable features. It can cut smoothly through wood, plastic and metal. This tool is most certainly a must-have.

Mossy Oak Mo-17009 

The best folding hand saw I have worked with till date is the Mossy Oak MO-17009. Its features are outstanding; ranging from a durable carbon steel blade, razor-sharp teeth, sturdy handle, gear style safety lock to a sizeable sheath.  The manufacturers sure didn’t spare any good thing on this one. 

Ryoba 24″ 22TPI Double-Edge Razor Saw

The Ryoba 22TPI is of Japanese origin. Like its name ‘Royba’ implies, this Japanese handsaw comprises of a double-edged blade. Its design is specifically for cutting hardwoods such as exotic hardwood, teak, maple and oak. 

The major highlight of this handsaw is its cover that allows you to conceal the double blades conveniently. Also, this handsaw is lightweight and portable.

Greatneck N2610 Cross-Cut Handsaw (26 Inches) 

This unique cross-cut handsaw is US-manufactured. It has a 26″ carbon-based steel with ten teeth/ inch (TPI). GreatNeck saw makes the process of cutting trees less strenuous. It is suitable for both indoor & outdoor activities. The GreatNeck N2610 also has a life-time warranty.

Stanley 15-344 15-Inch Blade Hand Saw

The Stanley 15-344 saw is ideal when you need a robust and affordable handsaw. This pocket-friendly handsaw has a range of remarkable features. It has an aggressive 3-sided tooth, a comfortable handle, 9 points per inch, and it is handy enough for easy transportation. 

Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Rip Hand Saw

The Vaughan B hand saws are built primarily for cutting on pull stroke. They have specially designed rust-resistant sharp blades. This saw is perfect for giving finishing touches & fine-trim to carpentry works. 

Vaughan BS240P is made up of top quality materials. Its most notable property is the thin blade that delivers accurate and quick cuts. Compared to its wood-cutting counterparts, this handsaw is relatively durable.

Shark Corp 10-2312 (12 Inches)

Sharp Corp 10-2312 is suitable for all types of trimming. It is one of the best hand saws on the market for cutting trees and roots. 

It is equally great for cutting plastic pipes and laminated hardwoods. Regrettably, it is not very suitable for cutting real hardwoods. This carpentry saw offers a one-year warranty.

Irwin Tools 1773465 Universal Hand Saw (15 Inches) 

Irwin Universal Hand Saws is an accurate representation of its name “universal”. It is well-designed and suitable for almost any kind of woodwork. The North Carolina-based Irwin Industrial Tools has built a name for itself as a manufacturer of super-fast cutting tools, and this product is not an exception. This handsaw is exceptionally user-friendly and practical. Also, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Crown FLINN1 Dovetail Handsaw (10 Inches)

Crown tool is a highly efficient tool that integrates both modern and time-tested techniques in its design. 

They are handy for carrying out small repairs, tabletop & wood joint works. They are equally ideal for trimming flat surfaces. It is one product I consider a wood-work essential.

As much as I would like to continue elaborating on my experiences with handsaws, I must now take a bow. Handsaws are versatile tools; you have to know how to make the right choice. I hope this article will assist in pointing you in the right direction when next you want to purchase one.



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