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Best Edge Sander Reviews

Best Edge Sander ReviewsEdge sanders are powerful machines that focus and excel on one thing: Versatility. Out of all the edge sander reviews I wrote, one of them shined brighter though, as you will see. They feature a table that moves vertically allowing for the work piece to be positioned at a precise height while the horizontal sanding belt goes to work on the surface. Edge sanders allow you to edge, face, bevel and contour your pieces all on one machine! They are commonly medium port machines, which means that they are a bit heavy and take up some space although there are a few good compact solutions as well. Depending on the power and size of the machine you pick you’ll be able to take smaller and easier or bigger and harder tasks and due to the little details that manufacturers like to include in them in order to innovate, it can be a bit tricky to pick the right one. I find edge sanders to be incredibly convenient due to their versatility and although there are dozens of edge sanders for sale, I’ve used various brand names so don’t worry – I’m here to help you choose the perfect one.

Best Edge Sanders Comparison

This is a quick overview of the best edge sanders I’ve tested.

MachineGrizzly G0512Shop Fox W1688Delta 31-482JET 708447 OES-80CSGrizzly G0564SHOP FOX W1730Powermatic Model OES9138
Price $ $ $ $ $$ $$ $$$$
Power 110 V - 1.5 HP 110 V - 1.5 HP 230 V - 1.5 HP 230 V - 1.5 HP 240 V - 3 HP 240 V - 2 HP 460 V - 3 HP
Speed (FPM) 1,800 FPM 1,800 FPM 3,900 FPM 3,900 FPM 3,150 FPM 3,150 FPM 3,542 FPM
Belt Size 6x80 Inches 6x80 Inches 6x89 Inches 6x89 Inches 6x108 Inches 6x89 Inches 9x138.75 Inches
Power Source Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Warranty 5 Years 2 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 2 Years 5 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Oscillating Edge Sander Reviews

An in-depth analysis and opinion of each oscillating edge sander seen above.

Grizzly G0512 Edge Sander with Wrap-Around Table

It has the all the essentials and the price is the lowest you can find. The Grizzly G0512 is a solid budget edge sander that doesn’t disappoint, even if it lacks a few advanced features (like oscillation) and a more refined polish. It features a 1.5HP motor, which is the adequate power for its class, that puts out 1800 FPM on the 6″ by 80″ sanding belt – equal to its competitor (the ShopFox W1688). The body is surprisingly tough and well-built, featuring a solid steel base and a sturdy laminated plastic table. It also has ball-bearing construction to further its quality and endurance, a handy safety switch and a efficient 4” dust port. While using it I found the manual table height adjustment to be easy to perform and the belt replacements were quick to do as well. It’s a competent edge sanding solution and it has a very attractive and competitive price, fans of the brand will certainly like it and newcomers will find in the G0512 a very affordable but efficient choice.

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Delta 31-482 6 in X 89 in Oscillating Edge Sander

The Delta 13-482 is one of the most inexpensive oscillating edge sanders available in the market and while it lacks the power or more advanced features to be a truly outstanding machine, for the price it’s a very solid oscillating edge sander that will be a great choice for hobbyists. With a decently potent 1.5HP motor it is able to run the 6-by-49 inch belt at 3,900 SFPM and 108 OPM which is powerful enough to take on most woodworking tasks. It has a well-built and sturdy body made of cast iron and some parts made of steel which brings the total weight of the machine to 233 pounds. The belt can be used vertically, horizontally or in any bevel position in between which adds to its versatility. The machine has a cast iron work table with a miter gauge below the belt that can be tilted and it also has a built-in cabinet for handy storage of any sanding accessories and tools. It’s worth noting that the sander has no wheels and as such I would highly recommend you to get an adjustable mobile base so you’re able to easily move it around. The Delta 31-482 is a solid oscillating edge sander with an outstanding price point plus it comes with a free of charge 5 year warranty. If you’re a hobbyist on a budget, this is a great choice.

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Shop Fox W1688 1.5-Horsepower 6-Inch by 80-Inch Edge Sander

With the W1688 edge sander, Shop Fox delivers a good budget machine with some appreciated features but it falls short on the overall finish and fine details of the machine. Weighing 311 pounds, the W1688 presents a very durable body with shielded and lubricated ball bearings to provide a longer life even though it has a rough finish when it comes to paint and other details. The 1.5HP motor powers the 6-by-80 Inch sanding belt that runs at a maximum 1,800 SFPM. While it lacks in belt speed, the W1688 offers advanced features such as belt tracking, a quick release lever for speedy belt changes, work tables that use a miter gauge and can be tilted for angle sanding and a 4-inch dust port that can be connected to a vacuum to effectively remove wood and abrasive dust from your work area. It’s a good budget sander if you can overlook the rough finish.

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JET 708447 OES-80CS 6-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Oscillating Edge Sander, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase

Jet never fails to deliver top-quality products and the OES-80CS oscillating edge sander is no exception. It features a solid 1.5HP motor (115/230-volt) that powers the large 6-by-89 Inch sanding belt to a maximum speed of 3,900 SFPM (surface feet per minute) which can take care of any kind of wood and even metal with the wide variety of sandpaper grit available. The body of this thing is outstanding, from the high-quality and durable construction to the attentive finish and detailing of the machine, it stays true to Jet’s tradition of greatness. It has an all-steel enclosed base cabinet, which offers massive support and very useful storage space to keep your sanding tools and accessories conveniently at hand.It oscillates 108 times per minute, which drastically decreases the chance of overheating and heat-related damage to both the machine and your work pieces. The 30-by-10 Inches cast iron table has a full length miter slot (miter gauge is included as well) and can be tilted up and down for accurate alignment of the work piece. The sander has a 4” dust port to maintain a clean working environment and it’s worth nothing that it’s covered by a free of charge 5 year warranty. The Jet OES-80C is an outstanding oscillating edge sander that offers both a well-designed high-quality body that will, in my view, last a lifetime and professional-tier performance. Highly recommended for both beginner and professional craftsmen alike.

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Grizzly G0564 Oscillating Edge Sander, 3-HP

Grizzly ups their game and delivers the G0564, a much more potent and advanced version of the G0512, successfully making the transition from an entry-level to professional-grade machine. This edge sander has a 3 HP motor that makes the huge 6” x 108” belt run at 3150 FPM – it’s powerful. It oscillates at 1/4″ which is enough to prevent overheating and deliver a higher quality finish to your pieces. The main cast iron table comes equipped with a T-slot and miter gauge and the secondary one is located below the spindle to offer further support and convenience. It comes with two built-in 4” dust ports and a handwheel for precise table-height control. A very smart feature of the Grizzly G0564 is the way the tilting works – it’s the belt that moves and not the table. Such a simple little trick that works wonders, it feels great and much easier to always have a stable table even when working with angles. When it comes to build quality, it’s great. It’s very solidly built (steel and lubricated ball bearings for longer life) and a higher level of attention was given to the details such as buttons, gears and moving parts which all work smoothly. I had a very easy time changing belts due to the quick release mechanism and was unable to find a glaring flaw on the design or performance (the oscillation should be a bit higher though). It’s a great machine that offers professional features and performance at a jaw-dropping price.

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SHOP FOX W1730 Oscillating Edge Sander

The Shop Fox W1730 is a heavy-duty, industrial class, powerful oscillating edge sander that weighs 496 pounds and as such is aimed at professionals that own a shop or home-working enthusiasts. It features a potent 2HP 240V motor that runs the big 6-by-89 Inch belt speed at 3,150 SFPM, having the power and speed to take on harder tasks than the usual without stopping. Shop Fox upped their game to combine their previous rugged and durable body with nice attention to detail and a powder-coated finish to the overall machine, which I was surprised and very impressed with. The belt oscillates 3/4-inch vertically 52 times per minute to prevent heat-damage and to deliver a finer higher quality finish to your pieces. It offers you advanced features such as vertical or horizontal sanding that also includes any angle in-between due to the 0 to 90 degree tilting graphite-coated work table, a 180 degree adjustable miter gauge, two highly effective 4-inch dust ports and a removable fence. A great little innovative feature is the ability to attach a sanding spindle to the left side of the machine in order to nail those hard-to-sand curves, very nicely thought out. I am greatly impressed with the W1730, it’s a powerful and very versatile built-to-last oscillating edge sander that delivers great results with ease and has a very attractive price tag for professionals.

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Powermatic 1791293 Model OES9138 3 HP 3-Phase Oscillating Edge Sander

Powermatic delivers an unmatched machine with the OES9138. It has been, in my opinion, the best edge sander available in the market for the last 10 years and will continue to do so for many more to come. It roars with its potent 3HP 230/460V motor, it’s capable of mowing down any task quickly and easily and the huge 9″ x 138-3/4″ is made to take on even the largest surfaces and pieces. It oscillates 24 full cycles per minute to provide a better finish and completely prevent heat related damage which is essential if you want to get perfect results. It features a sturdy bearing-assisted tensioning device that enables you to quickly change belts or perform speedy tracking adjustments. The 9-1/2 Inch by 48 Inch platen with graphite pad moves 8 Inches vertically, offers up to a 45° tilt and includes a miter head for precise angle work. It’s the largest work table I’ve ever seen and it’s strong and wide enough to hold even the biggest surfaces. The design is excellent, from the overall shape to the convenient location of elements such as the pedestal control switch which allows you to easily access it from any position. Powermatic once again stays true to their slogan “the golden standard” with a first-rate edge sander that can truly take on anything and not only deliver exceptional performance and stellar results but also handy controls and a body that will, in my view, last a lifetime.

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My Recommended Edge Sander

As you can see, a great deal of thought goes into making these wonderful machines. They are insanely useful especially if you want to produce intricate details on your pieces such as a bevel and you can rest assured that all of the above will do it perfectly. One of these edge sanders in particular surprised me with its performance and top-tier features, the JET 708447 OES-80CS. It sets itself apart from the other edge sanders for sale by having a great price tag and innovative features that make the sanding process easy and very accurate which allows me to create perfect edges and bevels on my pieces. An excellent choice that I highly recommend to any craftsman.

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I hope these oscillating edge sander reviews helped you get to know more about these machines and of course, that I made it easy for you to choose the right one. Thanks for reading my edge sander reviews and don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below!


  1. Just want to give a +1 for the JET, a truly beautiful machine. It’s also a wonder to me how I don’t see these in every shop, they’re the bomb!

    • I agree Anne, with both sentences. I guess it’s lack of hands-on experience, I bet that once someone has tried one of these they’ll quickly realize their potential and consider getting one. Thanks for the visit!

  2. These are a Godsend for my type of work! Now that I’ve used it I can see why you recommended that JET James, it really is brilliant.

  3. I loved reading this, helped me way beyond my expectations. Fantastic work, from a craftsman to another!

  4. I care a lot about performance and quality, but looks are a priority too for me and that Powermatic is gorgeous. It’ll fit right in, beautiful colors! Nicely done James

  5. How I love these, I’ve used friend’s edge sanders before but I’m getting my very own one right now! This helps so much, can’t thank you enough.

  6. Well, I came for the best and I’ll get the best. The Powermatic it is, I know it’s pricey but I love Powermatic just as much as you do James. Time to have some fun!

  7. I got the JET you recommended and boy what a BEAST! I couldn’t be happier and had to write this little thank you note. Thank you James!

  8. Great work! Appreciate the detailed reviews you give of each machine, especially since edge sanders are quite an untouched topic out there. I appreciate it!

    • You’re right, not many people know about them, they’re one of the hidden treasures of woodworking. You’re welcome Holbrook, always happy to help!

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