Top 10 Best Sanders 2018

Top 10 Best Sanders 2018
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Top 10 Best Sanders

top 10 best sanders

With all my years of experience and the incredible amount of machinery that I’ve used, I can say with certainty that I know which sanders are the very best you can get.
Every sander chosen for this top 10 has deeply impressed me in terms of superb performance, beastly power and tank-like durability. Every single one of them is a trusty machine that has been tried and tested by hard and continuous work over several years without ever giving in.
Without further ado, I proudly present to you the:

Top 10 Best Sanders of All Time

1-Best Belt Sander

Makita 9903 Belt Sander

Powerful, easy to maneuver and unmatched in performance. The Makita 9903 revolutionized the way I work, bringing me back to loving belt sanders after not using them for quite a while. It has an outstanding build quality and the potent 8.8 AMP motor makes sure that it can take on anything.

Very attractive price tag
Excellent performance
Powerful motor
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2-Best Disc Sander

JET JDS-12B Benchtop Disc Sander

When it comes to benchtop disc sanders, the JDS-12B blows the competition out of the water. The large 12″ disc powered by the potent 1 HP motor turn hard tasks into quick and easy ones and the results are always top-notch. The cast-iron tiltable tabletop and miter gauge allow for precise work at any angle and the construction materials make sure that the machine will last a lifetime.

 Huge sanding disc
 Miter gauge included
 Heavy-duty body
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3-Best Belt & Disc Sander

Powermatic Model 31A Belt/Disc Sander

The Powermatic 31A is an excellent belt and disc sander that has everything a professional could ever ask for and more. The heavy-duty construction and beastly power make it capable of easily taking on even the toughest jobs and the advanced features such as angle sanding make sure that every piece gets a perfect finish. The 12″ disc and 6×48″ belt truly bring you the best of both worlds and the tank-like build quality ensures that you enjoy it for decades on end.

 Superb quality
 Unbelivably powerful
 Will last a lifetime
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4-Best Palm Sander

PORTER-CABLE 330 Speed-Bloc Sheet Sander

The Porter-Cable Speed Bloc is one of my favorite sanding machines of all time and deservedly so. I’ve had mine for more than a decade and it has endured hard work on the regular and yet it still runs and performs like it’s brand-new. Incredibly well-designed and well-built, the little 1/4 sheet Speed Bloc has been my trusty palm sander for a big part of my career and it will keep being so until the end. It’s simple, it’s effective and the finishing this thing puts out is hard to beat. Without a doubt the best palm sander I’ve ever had.

 Minimal+smart design
 Stunning finishing capability
 Tank-like durability
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5-Best Random Orbital Sander

Bosch 1250DEVS Random Orbit Sander

A true classic of the industry, the Bosch 1250 is known for it’s unrelenting reliability and jaw-dropping power. It’s been a favorite of wood and metalworkers all around the globe for years (such as my dad!) and it will certainly continue to be for many more to come. The revolutionary turbo-mode absolutely destroys even the roughest and toughest stock and the famous random orbital action that the 1250 puts out delivers a perfect, swirl-free finish to your pieces. I couldn’t work without it.

 Wildly powerful turbo mode
 Classic sturdy body
 Tried and tested performance
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6-Best Sheet Sander

Bosch OS50VC Sheet Sander

Bosch offers with the OS50VC a powerful and meticulously designed 1/2 sheet sander that features advanced technology such as variable speed and vibration control – the result is a truly exceptional machine that dominates the competition and stands out as the very best sheet sander I’ve ever had.


 Large sanding pad
 Very well-built
 Unmatched vibration control
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7-Best Detail Sander

BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

Detail sanders (also called mouse sanders) are essential tools for finer and more detailed work and the BDEMS600 is the perfect embodiment of what a mouse sander should be like. It’s lightweight and easy maneuverable, delivers a fast 14,000 orbits per minute to ensure a smooth finish and it has an incredibly useful detail finger attachment that lets you sand even the tightest spaces.

 Super useful detail finger
 Great dust collector
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8-Best Drum Sander

Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander

The Powermatic PM2244 stays true to the brand’s slogan – “The Golden Standard” – by featuring sophisticated and modern technology like a LED control panel that automatically and accurately reads any piece’s height, the belt speed and the current power output.  The enormous 22×44″ sanding capacity makes it able to take on insanely large pieces and the roaring 1.75 HP motor ensures that you have absolutely no problem sanding even the roughest stock. The build quality is second to none and so are the results, if you’re a professional looking to completely revolutionize your work in both speed and quality, this is the very best option.

 Incredible LED control panel
 Extremely large sanding capacity and power
 Heavy-duty long lasting construction
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9-Best Spindle Sander

JET JBOS-5 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

JET delivers once again a first-rate machine with the JBOS-5 spindle sander. While it’s priced slightly higher than the competition, the features and overall quality of it more than make up for it. It’s expertly designed and built to last while also offering take-on-everything power and a tiltable tabletop that makes sure you deal with those pesky curves just right. When it comes to curve sanding, a spindle sander is king and when it comes to spindle sanders, the JBOS-5 is king. A wonderfully useful machine that makes the hard task of curve sanding a breeze.

 Superb curve sanding
 Smart and handy body design
 Oscillating spindle
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10-Best Edge Sander

JET OES-80CS Oscillating Edge Sander

Nothing beats an edge sender when it comes to intricate bevel work. The JET OES-80CS sets itself apart by having a stunning price tag coupled with top-notch construction quality and high-end features. It’s large and powerful enough to achieve the perfect edge or bevel on any piece and the oscillation feature makes sure that you avoid any heat-damage and achieve a perfect result. The table is also tiltable and includes a miter slot and miter gauge so you can work on small details with spot-on accuracy.

 Advanced angle sanding
 Highly durable body
 Miter gauge included
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  1. Excellent choices all around James.

  2. Fantastic list, you just made my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier James. Thank you!

  3. Now this is what I like, straightforward and effective reviews, makes it easy for me to make up my mind. Great work, you were the only one that was able to help me make a decision – keep it up!

  4. While all of these are excellent, the Bosch 1250 stands in my opinion as the KING of all! Best machine I’ve ever had in my life.

  5. Oh how I wish I could buy them all. Great bullet points by the way, thank you.

  6. Very, very good list you got here James. A truly remarkable feel for the machines that you can only get with years and years of experience. You just got a new follower!

  7. Couldn’t agree more with this, I’ve had the Speed bloc for years and years so I had to check you had it in your top 10. Can’t get enough of your opinions James!

  8. Both me and my dad agree on this list! (and that’s a hard thing to accomplish! haha)
    Great work, and since I’ve been needing a new orbital sander, I got the recommended Bosch 1250DEVS. Thanks!

    • Glad I could help Marie! The 1250DEVS is an excellent choice, one of my favorite sanders of all time without a doubt, enjoy!

  9. Tucker Mayfield

    Hah, had to check out your top 10 and it doesn’t surprise me at all that yours is actually very similar to mine and you even have some improvements that I should consider making to my collection. Great minds think alike! Kudos for sharing this with us James.
    – Mayfield

    • Indeed Tucker, real recognizes real! I’m glad I was able to improve your certainly already impressive arsenal. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  10. James, as an experienced craftsman myself your choices reflect your wisdom! This will surely help anyone looking to buy the best equipment possible, keep up the great work!

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