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sanderscore blogWelcome to my blog! In this section, I’ll be posting a variety of articles that differ from my main “best of” pages. They range from in-depth answers to your questions to helpful guides, tips, tricks and everything in between. The amount of quality and effort will be the same – the very best.

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8 simple diy dado jig plans for craftsmen
8 Simple DIY Dado Jig Plans for Craftsmen
8 Simple DIY Dado Jig Plans for Craftsmen5 (100%) 1 vote The router is one of the most versatile and Read more.
Sander vs Oscillating Tool
Why You Should Use a Sander Over an Oscillating Tool
Why You Should Use a Sander Over an Oscillating Tool5 (100%) 2 votes From stripping the paint or finish off Read more.
best sanders for deck refinishing
Best Sanders for Deck
Best Sanders for Deck5 (100%) 22 votes Best Sanders for Deck Refinishing Wooden decks are among the most popular sanding Read more.
best sander for removing paint
Best Sanders for Removing Paint
Best Sanders for Removing Paint5 (100%) 7 votes Paint removal is a tricky business that can give you a few Read more.
best sanders for furniture refinishing cabinets
Best Sanders for Furniture
Best Sanders for Furniture5 (100%) 6 votes Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing A lot of people ask me what the Read more.
best electric sanders for walls
Best Sanders for Walls
Best Sanders for Walls5 (100%) 10 votes Sanding walls of any type requires a machine that is both powerful and Read more.
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