Best Spindle Sanders 2017

Best Spindle Sanders 2017
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Best Spindle Sanders

best spindle sander reviewsSpindle sanders (also called oscillating spindle sanders) are the unrivaled top pick for dealing with curves. When it comes to sanding curves, any round shapes and any other large project like cabinet doors these machines turn seriously hard work into child’s play. Today I’ll show you the best spindle sanders you can get, I’ll make it as easy as possible for you to decide by offering a comparison table and detailed reviews of each spindle sander. First of all there are no handheld variations, they are always stationary but some spindle sanders are small and light enough to be easily carried from place to place without breaking a sweat. They use a sanding drum that protrudes from the middle of the machine’s tabletop that not only spins around but also oscillates up and down to guarantee a clean and smooth sanding result. I only acquired a spindle sander years after I had been woodworking and it changed my life, I wish I had gotten one sooner. If you have to deal with the above mentioned curved objects (which are usually a much harder task) it makes the whole process a breeze plus it delivers incredible results that you can’t get with any other sander type. They are very easy to use and also quite effortless since like all stationary sanders, it does the work for you by simply pushing the object against it. For me, a good spindle sander has to offer drum size variety (from thin to thick), have enough motor potency to spin at very high RPMs in order to deal with anything that I put into it and also has to present a great build quality and endurance to run for hours without stopping and years without breaking. From all I’ve seen, the following are the sincere best spindle sanders.

Best Spindle Sanders

Machine WEN 6510 POWERTEC OS1000 Delta Woodworking 31-483 JET 708404 JBOS-5
Price $ $$ $$ $$$
Power 3.5 AMP - 0.5 HP 2.6 AMP - 0.4 HP 3.5 AMP - 0.5 HP 7.5 AMP - 0.5 HP
Max Speed 2,000 RPM 1,725 RPM 1,725 RPM 1,725 RPM
Spindle Diameter 1/2 to 3 Inches 1/2 to 3 Inches Up to 5.5 Inches 1/4 to 3 Inches
Special Feature Heavy-Duty Steel Frame for Minimum Vibration + 90º Bevel Stop Heavy-Duty Body + Tilting Table for Precise Bevel
Power Source Electric Electric Electric Electric
Weight 20 pounds 60 pounds 84 pounds 82 pounds
Warranty 2 Years Not Specified 5 Years 5 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop Now

Oscillating Spindle Sander Reviews

An in-depth analysis and opinion of each spindle sander seen above.

WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander

I’ve been noticing more and more WEN machines out there, they always offer a decent, if simple, product at very discount prices. The WEN 6510 is no exception. If you look closely though, you’ll notice that there are about 7 or more small spindle sanding machines on amazon under different brand names but they are all exactly the same with a different paint job and price. So far I’ve noticed that Grizzly, Triton, Rockwell, Powertec, WoodRiver, Central Machinery and Shop Fox all offer this exact spindle sander but at much higher prices than WEN (they all come from the same Chinese manufacturer and they simply brand it with their own name), so it only makes sense to get it for the lowest price available, which is WEN. It’s a small and lightweight spindle sander with a very cheap price point but it’s not bad at all. It has a ½ HP 3.5AMP motor which is fairly potent and it provides 2000 Rotations per minute and you can hook a dust vacuum to the machine for a cleaner working environment. It has a good variety of sizes available for the sanding drum (6) and a neat little built in storage for sand paper and such. While the build quality could be a lot better and it isn’t strong enough to take on harder sanding tasks, for the price it’s a great choice for beginners or people who will use it occasionally for lighter work.

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POWERTEC OS1000 18″ Oscillating Spindle Sander

The POWERTEC OS1000 18 inch oscillating spindle sander suffers from the same exact issue as the previous machine – it’s a generic spindle sander that is made in china and they simply import it with a different paint job and put their brand on it. You can find the same exact machine under other brand names such as Craftsman, Grizzly or Scheppach, but by the looks of it this one has the better price point, quality control and better motor. The machine features a 2/5 HP, 2.6AMP motor that runs at 1725 RPM and it has a decent build quality overall with the table inserts being made of steel and not plastic. Overall it is a good spindle sander with a decent motor that while it won’t be able to tackle on harder or bigger sanding jobs, it’s still a solid choice for non-heavy work.

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Delta Woodworking 31-483 Heavy-Duty Oscillating Bench Spindle Sander, 1/2-HP, 115-volt

Finally a great oscillating spindle sander. Delta is known for their quality and reliable products and this is apparent on their 31-483 machine. It’s big, heavy and powerful featuring a ½ HP, 115V motor with a top speed of 1,725 RPM on the spindle plus it does 29 oscillations per minute. This whole machine is very durable, the top of the body being made of cast iron and the base of steel, coupled with a smart design which includes a built-in accessory cabinet where you can conveniently store the differently sized drums that the machine uses. The only thing I’ve found that could use improvement is the dust collection but that’s a common and easily fixable issue with sanders. A truly heavy-duty machine, it’s built to last and they’re so sure of it that they include a 5 year warranty to back it up. A very good choice if you’re looking for a powerful sander that has real quality and enough strength to take on very demanding tasks, highly recommended.

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JET 708404 JBOS-5 5-1/2 Inch 1/2 Horsepower Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander with Spindle Assortment, 110-Volt 1 Phase

Let me start by saying that this is, in my honest opinion, the best oscillating spindle sander available in the market. While it’s priced slightly higher than the others, it’s more than worth it. Like any other JET tool, it’s an extremely well built and designed machine. The JBOS-5 weighs 82 pounds and is 21 inches tall, have no doubt, it’s a big, heavy and stunningly powerful beast. Its ½ HP motor is sure to take on any task from easy to hard and the 1 inch drum oscillation ensures a great level of sanding quality. With the higher price comes more attention to details and features, such as the incredibly convenient removable on/off switch to prevent any accidental start-ups, precision ball bearings coupled with heavy-duty worm and gear mechanism for great reliability and extended tool life, non-skid rubber feet for maximum safety and well-thought built-in storage racks so you can have all of your different sized sanding drums at hand. The best detail I caught was that the tabletop tilts to 45 degrees which makes it very accommodating for any kind of pieces you have but also excellent for bevel sanding. You also get a free of charge 5 year warranty which is always appreciated. The Jet JBOS-5 is a top quality, professional grade spindle sander that can take on any job and will last a lifetime.

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My Recommended Combination Sander

A spindle sander is a game changer as you’ll soon see for yourself, I recommend it for both beginners and professionals. There are dozens of spindle sanders for sale so I hope these spindle sander reviews helped to make up your mind and that you’ve found the right one for you! While all of them are excellent, I have a favorite one which I regard as the absolute best spindle sander for fine woodworking with an incredible price point. It is the JET 708404 JBOS-5, first of all I can barely believe the price of this thing in comparison to the machine you get, it brings a new definition to “bang for your buck”. On the list of benchtop spindle sander reviews, it’s by far the best one. Extremely well-built, high-quality finish and enough power to take on anything you bring, this machine is a monster. It’s the best spindle sander for the money (feel free to verify this for yourself with the comparison table at the start of the article), I’m extremely happy with it and I can only wish I had gotten it sooner!

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Hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to leave your questions and opinions below, thank you!

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  1. Steven McNeill

    In urgent need of a spindle sander and wanted to read some reviews and boy, there isn’t much out there I’ll tell you right now. Was a blessing to have run into you James, thanks for the help, I’ve always loved Jet machines so I’m going in for the JBOS-5.

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