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james draper profile pictureWho Am I?

Hello there, my name’s James Draper and I’m an experienced professional craftsman. My father owned a small woodworking shop and I helped him (or tried to!) in any way I could, it was his absolute favorite thing to do whenever he had time and that passion passed on to me.
Seeing him turn old, beaten down furniture into seemingly brand new objects with a simple sanding machine blew my mind and to this day the thing I love most is to bring life back to old things. I’ve owned a professional shop since I was 24 and now, at 45 (time flies!), I run it successfully and couldn’t be happier doing anything else.

Why did I Create Sander Score?

My friends constantly come to me for information and advice about anything related to craftsmanship, especially when it comes to sanding because they know that it’s my favorite skill and the one I dedicate the most time to. The word started to spread and I got more and more requests for advice, including lessons on how to properly sand objects and surfaces, how to pick the best sanding machine for the job and my favorite – how to set-up a great small shop on a budget. I love to help and since this is what I love I’m more than happy to share my experience. This is where the idea for SanderScore came from. I wanted to share with the world my knowledge of sanding (my favorite skill) and write the best articles and guides I could about it, such as what the best machines are, my favorite brands, safety equipment and how to use a power sander.

I love to answer your questions and clear any doubts about sanding or anything related to craftsmanship so I encourage you to leave a comment or even shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to answer you! Thank you for reading, I sincerely appreciate your company and I hope I was able to help you!

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  1. Love you James! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Great picture Mr.Draper, good luck with everything and thanks for the help!

  3. Great comparison James and very helpful. I’m just waiting for Black Friday sale to order my new Powermatic http 31A 1791291K Belt / Disc Sander. I have plenty of 110v or 220v single ph. outlets in my shop. From a performance / efficiency / economical standpoint…. is it better to wire the motor for 110v or 220v?
    Also, do you have any recommendations on sand paper products from a performance / durability / price point that you would use on this machine?

    • Hey Ray, I’m glad you found it useful! I’m sure that Black Friday will bring on some fantastic deals so that’s a great choice. If I can, I use 220V wiring since it’s thinner and safer than the regular 110v. From a performance and economical standpoint it’s the same, they both use the same power (kilowatts) it’s just the amperage that changes (gets halved in 220V wiring and as such there’s less risk of heating dangers).
      When it comes to the sandpaper for the 31A combo, Powertec and Sungold belts are nice and economical and the 3M belts are the very best. For the 12″ disc I’d say Powertec and Woodstock are great inexpensive options while the 3M once again are fantastic but pricier. Hope I’ve helped Ray and have a fantastic week!

  4. Hi Ray I am lookimg at the When 6502 Belt Disc Sander.Our Power supply is 210-230 volts, with the suitable plug adapter can I connect direct to my power supply, or do I require a power transformer

    • Directly is fine Neil, the outlet dictates everything and any machine works on it without any conversion needed. Have a Merry Christmas!

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